Annual report 2023/24

How we calculate your Council Tax bill

We have calculated Council Tax bills to make sure we reach the required budget for 2023/24. The table below shows how our net expenditure budget of £166.4m translates to an average yearly bill for a Swindon resident.

Swindon Borough Council budget~
Less central government funding - Revenue Support Grant
Less business rates income
Balance paid by Council Tax payers
Divided by number of Band D equivalent homes **
Average Council Tax amount for Band D properties the borough
Add average Band D amount for Adult Social Care precept
Add amount per household for the police authority
Add amount per household for the fire authority
Add average parish precept
Average Band D Council Tax amount 


~ This includes £16.5m, which is the amount raised from element of our charge that relates to the increased cost of adult social care.

** The number of Band D equivalent homes is a notional figure which takes into account the weighting given to each home when calculating the Council Tax (known as the tax base). For example, one Band A home is 6/9ths of a Band D equivalent, while a Band H home is twice a Band D equivalent. The tax base for 2023/24 is 77,773.6, a rise of £989.6 (1.3%) from the equivalent figure for 2022/23.

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