Annual report 2021/22

The financial impact of COVID-19

What impact has the pandemic had on the income we receive and the money we spend?

The pandemic has affected our ability to generate income in several areas. For example, through the reduction or suspension of car parking charges and the temporary closure of museums.

We have also increased our spending in a number of areas, most notably in adult social care, and have taken on additional responsibilities, including:

  • sourcing and distributing PPE
  • supporting people who are shielding
  • helping with outbreak control

What financial support have we received over the past year from the Government?

We have received over £16.7m in COVID-19 emergency funding from the Government, as well as various other financial support programmes, including:

  • outbreak management funding (£3.2m)
  • infection control grant (£3.4m)
  • hardship funding (£1.5m)

In addition, the Government has established an income compensation scheme for councils to claim up to 75% of their eligible income losses.

Has my Council Tax bill gone up in 2021/22 because of costs and lost income caused by the pandemic?

No. The increase in Council Tax is due to the continued increase in demand for and the cost of services, particularly in adult social care, as well as the costs of financing our capital investment programme.

How has the Government planned to support the council with the costs of the pandemic over the forthcoming year?

Over the next year, further support from the Government will be provided in the form of a general grant of £5.7m to meet COVID-19 funding pressures and an extension to the income compensation scheme to 30 June 2021. This support will help us manage COVID-related budget risks in the forthcoming year.

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