Local cycling and walking infrastructure plan

We are seeking views on the draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).

The plan sets out the scheme proposals to improve and increase usage of the network for cyclists and walkers across the borough for the next ten years.

LCWIPs represent the new long-term strategic approach being promoted by the Government to determine the walking and cycling infrastructure which is required across a defined area. Following guidance issued by the Department for Transport, the LCWIP has been through a 3 stage process of development:

  • Stage 1 - defines the scope, network planning and existing provision. This involved undertaking an audit of cycling and walking routes to understand the quality of the existing provision and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Stage 2 - defines the priority list and categorises these schemes into three groups:
    • current network issues identified through Route Selection Tool (RST) assessment
    • growth and development schemes
    • missing links of strategic and leisure importancce

To date, this process has generated a prioritised programme of twenty-three recommended proposals. 

  • Stage 3 – Consultation

Initial engagement has taken place on the LCWIP with Swindon Cycle Campaign in their role as the principle representative user body for cyclists in the Borough. Members of the public and wider stakeholders are now invited to view and comment on the draft Swindon LCWIP, its objectives and the prioritisation process to determine the improvements necessary to establish a safer and enhanced network for waking and cycling.  

We recommend you view the consultation document below before responding to the questionnaire:

To provide your feedback, please complete the survey below by no later than 5.00pm on Monday, 27 September 2021.

Draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan survey

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