Local Transport Plan refresh consultation

We are seeking views on the refreshed Local Transport Plan for Swindon.

The Local Transport Plan (LTP) is a statutory document. It is the principal means by which the Council delivers its transport policies and projects.

Swindon’s third LTP was published in 2011 setting out the Council’s forward looking policies for the years to 2026. There is a recognition that the local and national context has changed significantly in that time and that the document requires a refresh to establish the impact of these changes and to support the adoption of a revised Local Plan through to 2036.

The intention has been to produce a proportionately refreshed document (LTP4). The document will be in two parts. This first part includes a review of progress achieved during LTP3, a refreshed evidence base, a review of emerging themes and areas of renewed focus for LTP4. From these have come a revised list of challenges to be addressed and transport outcomes to be achieved. A revised list of policy area recommendations has been included. As a result a “long list” of options has been identified to deliver the desired outcomes along with an assessment and shortlisting process. The second part of LTP4 will be the Implementation Plan that will further develop the range of schemes that are selected for future implementation, identify a funded delivery programme along with a monitoring framework and set of targets. This will be subject to further consultation in due course.

We are therefore keen to understand your views on the results of the LTP refresh so far. This consultation draft document was approved by Cabinet at its meeting on 7 July 2021. You can view the Cabinet report for further information.

The feedback received to this survey will be considered in finalising the draft document for adoption by Cabinet later in the year. It will also be used to inform development of the detailed implementation plan of projects and schemes for the period through to 2036.

We recommend that you view the LTP documents listed below before responding to the questionnaire:

To provide your feedback, complete the survey below by no later than 5.00pm on Thursday, 7 October 2021.

Local Transport Plan online survey

If you have any questions regarding the draft LTP or require hard copies of the documents and/or questionnaire, email transportplanning@swindon.gov.uk.

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