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Heritage Action Zone survey

The Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) initiative is offered by Historic England as a vehicle for revitalising under used historic areas in order to bring about wider economic and social growth. Since 2016, twenty Heritage Action Zones have been launched and in June 2019 Swindon became the second town in the South West to achieve HAZ status.

The Swindon Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) will focus on the area around Swindon’s historic railway village. It will last for five years and during this time the council and its partners will be able to access much needed heritage expertise and funding from Historic England to help deliver the regeneration.

An ambitious masterplan has been prepared which will deliver enhancements to key historic buildings and spaces. These include the Health Hydro, the Cricketers, the Carriage Works, the Mechanics’ Institute and GWR Park. Footpaths, signage and public spaces will also be improved in order to better connect the area to the wider town centre. Promotional events, exhibitions, publications and tours will be organised to raise awareness of Swindon’s history for residents and visitors and to draw people to the area.

To find out more, visit the HAZ projects webpage.

A key HAZ project is to create a distinctive and easily recognisable brand inspired by Swindon’s railway history. It will be used to promote the Railway Village and Swindon town centre as a destination and place of interest. It will also draw attention to the extent and range of Swindon’s heritage assets within the Railway Village and Works area and help sell regeneration projects as new attractions.

The aim will be to increase civic pride and combat negative perceptions of Swindon by replacing them with a more positive, interesting and memorable story based on Swindon’s distinctive and nationally significant railway heritage. 

We are interested in hearing your views about the Heritage Action Zone and its projects. The information you give us will be used to measure how peoples’ perceptions change as the HAZ progresses and to assess the effectiveness of the brand.

Tell us what you think by completing this short survey below:

Heritage Action Zone smart survey

The survey will run until Monday, 1 March 2021

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