Consultation on BT public payphone removals

BT are consulting on their proposals to remove a number of the public payphone callboxes from within the Borough.  As the local public organisation we are consulting with parish councils, residents associations and community groups giving them 3 options:

  • to agree to the removal
  • to adopt the callbox for use by the local community
  • to object to the removal

Please see below list of the callboxes which BT are proposing to remove.  The individual callboxes can all be identified by a Public Notice posted within them by BT, informing residents of their proposal and directing any comments to Swindon Borough Council Planning Department. 

To respond to this consultation either in relation to your local callbox or to the overall proposal, please either email or write to

Forward Planning
Wat Tyler West 5
Swindon Borough Council
Beckhampton Street

Phone number Address Postcode Number of calls in 12 months
01793 512591 PCO PCO1 Seymour Road SN3 3BG 90
01793 535121 PCO PCO1 Beech Avenue SN2 1JX 149
01793 535143 PCO PCO1 Eldene Centre SN3 3RZ 287
01793 536567 PCO PCO1 Liden Centre SN3 6HP 196
01793 700247 JCN Shepperton Way, Heaton Close SN25 4UA 17

All comments must be received by 5pm on Thursday, 5 March. Comments received will be considered to produce a draft response to BT. The draft will then be consulted on prior to formally submitting a final notification to BT.

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