COVID-19 - Mental wellbeing information for children, young people, schools, parents and carers

During the coronavirus pandemic schools have been asked to close to reduce the spread of the virus. Usually, schools, colleges and preschools play a vital role in supporting the mental well-being of children and young people in normal times. They provide structure and security and have oversight of young people’s emotional needs.

Many families and young people will be deeply anxious about the coronavirus pandemic itself, which we regard as a ‘critical incident’ needing mental health support. Children and young people will no longer be in their school setting to receive the support they would typically receive when our communities face a critical incident.

Schools may be able to find alternative ways to support young people’s anxiety and mental health while they are self-isolating, through phone calls, letters home, websites and social media. Some schools also have access to online learning platforms. Here you can find many resources that can be used to support children and families during the school closures.

For younger children, the resources offered provide a simple explanation about coronavirus, as well as providing practical things to do during the school or preschool closures. For older children and young people, we have included more resources to support mental health and well-being. We have also included resources to support the well-being of school staff and parents during the school closures.

We have divided these resources into age ranges so each stage has its own chapter above and where possible, we have stated what type of resource is available, whether a website, document or app.

Before using a resource, you should check to see if it is age-appropriate and in line with the guidance given by the NHS, which may change over the course of the pandemic.

Online talking therapy and support

Helpful Apps

  • SAM app
  • Forme app
  • Headspace app
  • Calm Harm app

If you have safeguarding concerns, contact us on 01793 466903 and select option one for Swindon Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) or select option two for the Early Help Hub.

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