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Additional Restrictions Grant - Version 2 (ARG2)

About the grant

This is the second version of the ARG grant (ARG2), covering the period from 6 January 2021 onwards, during national lockdown. If your business is eligible, you will receive a one-off fixed payment of £2,000 per business property.

If you have already received a ARG payment of £2,000 from Swindon Borough Council between 7 and 16 January 2021, you must not make an application. Businesses are only eligible to one payment per business under this version 2 scheme, and many businesses have already automatically been paid the £2,000 grant.

To check if you have already received this payment, look at your ARG case on your My account. Your ARG case will have been updated with the words “ARG scheme: Version 1 & 2” if you have already been paid under the ARG2 scheme.


Your business must either:


  • not be required to close, but you have lost income since 6 January 2021 because of the national lockdown restrictions

Other eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants can be sole traders, businesses, charities and community interest companies
  • On 5 January 2021 businesses must have:
    • not been in administration, insolvent or subject to a striking office notice
    • not been an undertaking in difficulty (with the definition of Article 2(18) of the General Block Exemption Regulation)
    • been actively trading (buying and selling goods or services) on the day before prevous tier restrictions required them to close
  • Businesses must not have received more than 800,000 EUROS in state funding within the last three-fiscal year period. Please read the Government guidance about state aid
  • Eligible applicants will receive one grant per business property, so a business can apply for multiple grants.
  • Applicants can apply for this grant in addition to previous grant schemes, and in addition to the Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed) Addendum from 5 Jan onwards and/or the Closed Business Lockdown Payment.
  • We will endeavour to protect against fraud and neither we nor the Government will accept deliberate manipulation and fraud.
  • Any businesses falsifying information will face prosecution and any funding issued will be clawed back.
  • Swindon Borough Council may verify and share any information from grant applications with other council departments and government departments.
  • There is no appeals process if your application is rejected.

Successful applicants will receive a one-off payment for each eligible business property.

Making your application

  • You will need your unique business reference number to complete this form. This reference starts 'UBG' and is followed by six numbers.
  • If you don't have a unique business reference number, you must first register your business for COVID-19 related grants. Please complete this form with as much detail as possible, even if you have already applied for other grants.You will receive your unique business grant reference number when you complete the form.

Apply for the grant

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