Honda and supply chain activity

Honda has announced that it plans to manufacture its future (electric) models overseas from 2021. As a result, a number of national and local stakeholders have been working together to get ready to support the workforce and supply chain.

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy held two meetings of the national Honda Manufacturing UK Taskforce in Swindon. This group requested Swindon Borough Council’s Chief Executive, Susie Kemp, to set up a Honda and Supply Chain Co-ordinating Steering Group to link national and local partners and mobilise activity.

The shared first priority of both groups is to make the case to Honda that investment in vehicles of the future is best done in Swindon. Significant work has gone into the local and national business case.

If this business case is unsuccessful, a number of themed groups will prepare for a 2021 closure. Activity will include support for Honda in re-skilling, re-deploying and supporting the mental wellbeing of its workforce and that of any other companies at risk. The Steering Group is also working with national partners to assist supply chain companies to source contracts and to co-ordinate site enquiries to share with the site owners.

We have received (and continue to receive) many offers of help and support for the affected workforce and a dedicated email address has been set up to receive them at All offers and enquiries will be passed to the relevant groups for action and response at the appropriate time.

The Switch On To Swindon business ambassador network continues to promote Swindon as an ideal destination to live, work and invest. It is free to sign up as an ambassador at so businesses are encouraged to join and share Swindon’s positive news.

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