Additional recycling services on offer this January

National figures suggest that we create up to 30% more waste over the festive period. In our ongoing efforts to increase Swindon’s recycling rates, we will be bringing you extra services in January to help you recycle all your additional Christmas waste.

The festive season is full of fantastic opportunities to think about the waste we produce and the steps we can take to reduce our impact on our environment.

Most of the waste we produce at this time of year, such as wrapping paper, Christmas cards, glass bottles and metal cans can be recycled. Making a few changes to your recycling habits and making use of the recycling services available to you will help you to enjoy a greener New Year:

We're collecting more recycling over the festive period

If you have any extra recycling that won’t fit in your recycling boxes, you can use sturdy containers from around your home to put additional recycling out on your collection days throughout January.

The containers don't need to be council-branded, however we’d ask that you help our crews by grouping paper and card together in one container, and glass, metals and aerosols together in another container.

Larger pieces of cardboard must be broken down into manageable pieces and bundled neatly next to recycling boxes ready for collection.

We will not be collecting additional non-recyclable waste.

Put your Christmas tree out for recycling

Our crews will be collecting real Christmas trees (not artificial ones) until Monday, 31 January 2022.

Please remove all lights and decorations, and make sure the tree can be safely lifted by two people. If the tree is very large, you should cut it into manageable pieces. To ensure your tree is collected, you should make sure it is clearly visible from the road.

To find out your Christmas tree collection days, look them up on the rubbish and recycling collection day calendar.

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