Swindon Local Safeguarding Adults Board

LSAB Structure

Swindon LSAB has established the following sub-groups to enable it to fulfil its statutory responsibilities.

Operational Group 

The Operational Group meets four times a year and carries out the work of the LSAB, looking at tasks and issues in greater detail and reporting back to the Board as necessary.

Policy & Procedures Group

The Policy & Procedures Group meets four times a year, reviewing and updating the Policy and Guidance for Swindon in line with changes to Government policy.

Quality Assurance Sub-group

The Quality Assurance Sub-group meets four times a year to audit individual cases to check on how well they were managed, whether the outcomes were in line with the wishes of the adult and whether the case(s) should have been handled differently.  Good practice and learning points are acknowledged and fed back to teams.  

Service User Forum

The Service User Forum group meets four times a year and is made up of local people who use our services and carers to influence how we prevent the abuse of adults at risk and respond to reports of abuse or neglect. 

Case Review Sub-group

The Case Review Sub-group meets twice a year and on an ad-hoc basis as required to monitor the progress of Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs), referring any concerns to the Board.

Joint group with Wiltshire Safeguarding Adults Board

Learning & Development Sub-group 

The Learning & Development Sub-group meets four times a year with Wiltshire colleagues to identify training requirements to ensure safeguarding training, competence, skills and knowledge are addressed and also to develop and review the Training Strategy which supports the Policy and Procedures for Safeguarding Adults in line with the Care Act 2014.

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Risk Enablement Panel

The Risk Enablement Panel is a multi-agency risk assessment process to ensure effective case planning and decision making in relation to adults with multiple needs who do not reach the threshold of Adult Safeguarding investigations and the process will only be enacted when all other interventions have not produced an improvement in outcomes for the individual of concern. The role of the Panel is to facilitate, develop risk management plans and monitor their effectiveness.

The panel was set up following the outcome of an Adult Case Review which highlighted the need for a more coordinated approach when dealing with people who have chaotic lifestyles.

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