Care Act, 2014

The Timescales

Phase 1 of the Care Act came into force on 1 April 2015 and a number of changes and provisions have been implemented, with further changes in the second phase being brought in from April 2020. Many of the changes that are being introduced are, in fact, already in practice within the Borough of Swindon. The key changes are detailed below:

Phase 1 - April 2015: Changes already implemented

The following were introduced on 1 April 2015:
  • A new national definition of care and support needs, making care and support more consistent across the country.
  • New support arrangements for Carers.
  • The consistent implementation of ‘Deferred Payment Agreements’ across the country for care costs. 

Phase 2 - Changes scheduled for April 2020

A number of further changes will be introduced in April 2020. These will relate to the way people pay for care and support and will include:
  • A lifetime cap on care costs. This will protect those with the greatest needs from facing unlimited costs.
  • Extended financial support for people with modest means. 

Further information

For further information about the various changes, please follow the links to:

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