Going local

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Going Local

Never before has the Council faced such a range of difficult but necessary decisions about how it spends its budget, while also having to make choices that will continue to improve Swindon.

Our Vision for Swindon, along with four priorities and thirty pledges, sets out how we intend to secure long term growth and prosperity for the Borough.

The immediate challenge however is to manage the budget pressures that we, like all councils across the country, are facing. Demand for our services is increasing, particularly those services that support vulnerable people, while our sources of income are restricted or reducing.

This means the Council must fundamentally change the way it operates. We will need to look at ways of ensuring more universal services are delivered at a local level, with local residents having a greater way to influence decisions. We will need to look at ways of growing the economy and generating new forms of funding to invest in Council services. And we will need to look at ways of ensuring more people can live as independently as possible in their homes and communities while having greater choice and control about the type of care they receive.

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These pages outline how the Council intends to respond to some of these challenges and, most importantly, how local people can get involved.