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Residents' Parking


This map shows the residents' parking zones in the Borough of Swindon.

It shows the outline of the zone only. Not all streets or properties within the shaded area are necessarily fully included in the scheme.

View Residents' Parking Zones in a larger map


Vehicle Permits

New Residents

New residents are able to apply for up to two permits per household in the relevant zone.

The Council recognises that, in some cases, new build, conversions of existing properties into multiple units, and premises that create multiple occupation within Swindon's urban area are likely to result in insufficient off-street parking provision to support them (or none at all).

In these circumstances the Council will need to ensure that such developments do not generate unacceptable levels of on-street provision/parking. One area where this is of primary concern is existing Residential Parking Zones where parking is restricted and permits can out-number the total number of on-street spaces.

In order to keep the ratio of spaces and permits to its current level, the Council considers all applications for permits against the original circumstances of the parking zone at the time it was created.

As a consequence, occupants of new development within these zones will in some circumstances be denied parking permits, and in other circumstances are not guaranteed the right to obtain parking permits.

Parking permits will not be issued to occupants of properties where planning condition/obligation has been imposed, preventing occupants of the properties from applying for and obtaining parking permits.  

Please phone us on 01793 445506 if you have any concerns regarding your right to make an application for a parking permit against a specific property address.


​Visitors Permits (25) ​£15
​1st Permit (6 months) ​£25
​1st Permit (annual) ​£35
​2nd Permit (6 months) ​£50
​2nd Permit (annual) ​£75

These prices apply to all zones.

Visitor Permits are free of charge to Residents aged 60 years and over. 

An annual permit is available where the applicant owns the property or is in an assured tenancy agreement. A permit for a period of 6 months is issued if the applicant is in a short hold tenancy.

Payment made by Credit Card will incur a surcharge of 1.75%. There will be no surcharge
for other forms of payment such as Debit Cards.

There is a charge of £10.00 for any lost Residents Permit. Change of address or vehicle registration is free, as long as the old permit is returned.

A holder of a Resident Permit, on surrender of the ticket, shall be entitled to a refund based upon the number of complete months used. An administration fee of £10.00 will be charged. Please be aware that use of the postal system to surrender a permit would be at the discretion of the holder.

The council cannot make allowances for postal delays. 

Renewal of Resident Permits

A reminder will be sent to holders of Resident Permits approximately 21 days before the expiry date of the current permit. Please allow 14 days for your renewal to be dealt with and your new permit to be received.

If you have not received your reminder within 14 days of expiry please contact us so that a duplicate application can be sent.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure a valid permit is displayed; the Council cannot accept responsibility for late applications or delays in the postal service resulting in non-receipt or late arrival of permits.

Blue Badge Holders

Resident Permits are free of charge to holders of a Blue Badge. No age restriction applies to this and, therefore, there is no need for the badge holder to be the owner/registered keeper of a vehicle; although this concession is intended to be used for the vehicle which is primarily used to assist the Blue Badge holder. There is a restriction of one free resident permit per property and this forms part of the allocation allowed to that property. Any second permit applied will be charged at the annual cost of a first permit. 

Visitors' Scratch Card Permits

Please see Visitors' Permits

Parking Restrictions in Back Roads

Double yellow lines exist in some back road areas to enable residents to gain access to their garages and hard standings. These lines are enforceable. 

Limited Waiting Areas

Some of the ‘limited waiting’ parking areas are ‘dual use’, allowing Residents' Parking permit holders to park there free of time restrictions. 

Contractors' Permits

If you are having work carried out and you need a contractor (e.g. a builder or electrician) to use a Residents' Parking bay, then you or your contractor can apply for a special temporary permit to park in a Resident Parking bay.

These can be used Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.30pm.

A letter on headed paper from the contractor confirming work is being undertaken must be provided. This should clearly show the address where the work is being carried out and the expected duration of work. 

The fee is £12 per week.

Operational One-hour Parking Permits

These are 'scratch card'-type permits intended for use by those who need to park for a short term on several occasions - rather than for long periods, for which a Contractors' Permit (see above) would be better suited.

Each permit is valid for up to one hour when parked in any designated resident parking bay.

Books of 20 permits can be purchased for £22.

These are typically bought by operators, not by residents. 

Special Needs Permits

Residents who rely on a regular visitor (e.g. a carer) can apply for a permit which will allow them to use a Residents' Parking bay.

Each permit can be used for different vehicles (e.g. in case it's not always the same carer who calls), but only for one vehicle at a time.

You must provide a letter from a doctor confirming the need. For those who are 80 years old or over evidence of date of birth, such as birth certificate or passport, can be provided instead of the note from a doctor.

There is an annual charge of £40. 

Central Zone

The Residents Parking Scheme includes a 'Town Centre zone'. This enables residents not included in the existing zones and living within this area to purchase a permit to park at any time in the town centre long stay car parks (£625 per year), or park between 6.00pm and 9.00am only (£150 per year).

See the Central Zone Map

Old Town Centre Zone

The Residents Parking Scheme includes a ‘Old Town Centre Zone’. This enables residents not included in the existing zones and living within this area to purchase a permit to park at any time in Planks or Brittania Place car parks (£625 per year), or park between 6.00pm and 9.00am only at the same locations. (£150 per year).
See the Old Town Centre Zone Map.

Overnight Car Park Parking

The holder of a Residents’ Parking permit purchasing an overnight car park ticket in a car park adjoining their zone, which would normally be valid between 6.00pm and 6.00am, can park until 9.00am for no additional payment. Residents who display a valid Resident Parking Permit can also park in those car parks listed below without the need to purchase a Pay & Display ticket between 10pm and 8am.

List of Available Car Parks

Zone A – Granville St Car Park
Zone B – Harding Street Car Park, Cheltenham Street Car Park
Zone C – Granville St Car Park
Zone D –Granville Street Car Park, Prospect Place Car Park
Zone E – Prospect Place Car Park, Bath Road Car Park,
Zone F – Granville Street Car Park
Zone G – Prospect Place Car Park
Zone H – Prospect Place Car Park
Zone J – Queenstown Car Park
Zone K – Granville St Car Park
Zone L – Britannia Place Car Park
Zone N – Britannia Place Car Park

Business Permits

A business situated within a resident zone may be eligible to apply for a permit to park in resident bays in that zone. Applications should be made on company headed paper. The charges are:

Zone A Crombey Street Area

​Period ​Cost
​12 months ​£595

 All Other Zones

​Period ​Cost
​12 months ​£510

Resident, Business and Visitor Permits : Full Terms and Conditions

To view the full terms and conditions for Resident, Business and Visitor Permits, please see:

Resident Business and Visitor Permits - Terms and Conditions (PDF - 306Kb).

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