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Swindon Museum and Art Gallery is currently closed. We are working towards reopening Swindon Museum and Art Gallery in Swindon Civic Buildings.

The Museum and Art Gallery Collections are rich with stories and curriculum links which lend themselves to discovery, enjoyment, and study across the Key Stages. The Swindon Museum and Art Gallery Team are in the process of developing on-site schools sessions in Swindon's Civic Buildings.

Art on Tour at Home is a library of FREE teaching and learning resources for busy schools, teachers and parents. The focus is on using art to bring learning to life across the curriculum. Designed to support teachers with art education, downloadable teacher toolkits provide practical suggestions for exploring artworks and using them across the curriculum. Our range of Art Burst learning resources are designed to keep curious hands and minds busy! For art leads, non-specialists, senior leaders, parents and anyone involved in the business of developing creative children! Created by experienced teachers, the resources can be used to facilitate learning for children of all ages and abilities.

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Downloadable resources include:

  • Art Cards – over 100 flashcards featuring artworks from the Swindon Collection of Modern Art, with ideas for games and activities.
  • Art Hacks – practical activities for injecting art and creativity into lesson planning without having to get the art materials out!
  • Toolkit ‘Helping Students Explore Artworks’ – question prompts and practical activities for approaching artworks
  • Toolkit ‘Art as Springboard’ – practical activities for using art across 10 other curriculum areas
  • Toolkit – ‘The Swindon Collection’ – art-based learning suggestions and curriculum links for over 100 artworks!
  • Art Burst resource packs – an ever-growing selection of resources including Surrealism, Land Art, Sound Art, Installation Art, Found Art and Still Life – ideal for exploring key movements and artists, they include art activities and linked cross-curricular activities
  • Toolkit for senior leaders and teachers – ‘Embedding a School-wide Culture of Art and Creativity’.
  • Library of 3m Art Challenges to kick-start creativity!

Access our wide range of resources here.


On-site Self-led Packages - for Schools and Youth Groups:

The Swindon Museum and Art Gallery Team are in the process of developing on-site schools sessions in Swindon's Civic Buildings.