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The Blue Badge scheme is a national arrangement of parking concessions. If you qualify for a blue badge and are either a driver or passenger, you will … are on a War Pensioners Mobility …
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prevent traffic from moving along a road. The blue badge and the clock showing the time of arrival … Parking Enforcement - Blue Badge Holders … Blue Badge Holders [Viewing] …
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the age of 3 may be eligible for a blue badge. Are you applying on behalf of a child up to … questions in Part B, you may qualify for a badge under Part C or Part D.Please read before …
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http://www.swindon.gov.uk/ts/Transport Document Library/Form - Blue Badge Application Form.pdf

Home | A to Z | Contact Customer … Apply for a Blue Badge, Find a Car Park, Pay a Parking Fine, Residents' Parking Permits …
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AP040 -AP Invoices £500 or Over Paid in a Date Range (SCAP075)Swindon Borough Council -DCLG Code 00HXSupplier spend over £500 for Period 01 October 2013 -31 October 2013Sum of Amount …
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http://www.swindon.gov.uk/cd/Council and Democracy Document Library/Information - Over 500 Expenditure October 2013.pdf

Home | A to Z | Contact Customer Services … Social Work jobs in the South West … Blue Badge Parking Scheme … World War I: Life in the …
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Under the Traffic Management Act of 2004 Swindon Borough Council are authorised to enforce … The blue badge and the clock showing the time of arrival must be displayed. … Blue Badge holders …
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allowance (per day) £2.20 Disabled driver badge (blue badge) £10.00 Fast track services -surcharge for disabled driver badge £2.61Residential Care (SBC owned Care …
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http://www.swindon.gov.uk/sc/MyCareMyChoicesDocumentLibrary/Client Charges.pdf

charge applies (£70 -50% discount £35) Blue = Lower charge applies (£50 -50% discount £25 …
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http://www.swindon.gov.uk/ts/Transport Document Library/Information - Parking - Decriminalised Parking Enforcement.pdf

street parking with dropped kurb for Blue Badge holders outside front entrance • The nearest car … painted window is found in the little blue boudoir, a room devoted to the 18th Century …
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http://www.swindon.gov.uk/sc/Health Document Library/Information - Swindons Access Guide.pdfView duplicates

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