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Missing Pets Advertisements

If you have lost a pet in or around the Swindon area and would like to advertise the details on this website, simply e-mail with the following details: 

  • A short description of the pet
  • Where and when it was last seen
  • How to make contact with you (preferably a phone number)
  • If you could attach a photograph to your e-mail, we will also publish it along with the details

Advertisements for lost pets will be placed for up to three months from the time of receipt. There is no charge for this service.

List of Missing Pets




​Missing Cat - Toothill

Missing since Thursday 22 January 2015. Un-neutered male, very friendly.

​​Tel: 07583 073969 missing-ginger-tom-toothill.jpg

​Missing Cat - Pinehurst

Sunny is 7 years old and he went missing on Wednesday 19 November 2014 from the Pinehurst area of Swindon.

He is all white with black patches on his back and head and he has an all black tail.

Sunny has been known to wander off before but not for this long.

If he is found, please call.

​Tel: 07525 466692 Sunny cat.jpeg

Missing Cat - Highworth

​Ollie, is a 10 year-old black and white male cat who has gone missing from his home in the Windrush area of Highworth. He is micro-chipped.

He was last seen in Windrush on Friday, 16th January 2015. It is very unlike him to not come home at all after being out. His owners would be glad to hear from anyone who has seen Ollie since his disappearance.

​Tel: 01793 764474 bwhighworth.jpg

​Missing Cat - Penhill

A female tabby cat, named Tinker, has gone missing from her home in Penhill. She was last seen on 15 January 2015. She's is quite a large cat and normally stays close to her home in Penhill.



​Missing Cat - Taw Hill

This male tabby cat has been missing since the evening of Saturday 10 January 2015. He escaped during a house move to the Cranborne Chase area of Taw Hill.

He has a white chest, tummy and paws, is approx.11 years old, is wearing a black collar & is microchipped.

He is quite timid and doesn’t tend to roam far so may be taking shelter somewhere. He may also have made his way back to his old house, towards the Haydon End area. 

Please take to the nearest Drove Vets if found. 

​Tel: 07799 416501 Taw Hill Cat.jpg

​Missing Kitten - Kingsdown Road

Poppy has been missing from Kingsdown Road since the morning of 31 December 2014. Small striped tabby, microchipped but no collar, very faint meow more like a squeal or squeak.

​Tel:  07920 062499 missing-kitten-poppy-kingsdownroad.jpg

​Missing Cat - Haydon End

My cat has been missing since about 9pm, 31 December 2014 and will have been scared off by the fireworks. She is missing from the Egdon Close area of Haydon End – 6 years old, black and white as you can see. She doesn’t have a collar, but does have a chip fitted.

Tel: 07792 235907 or 07816 495905 missing-black-and-white-cat-haydon-end.jpg

​Missing Cat - Moredon

This female tabby cat has been missing since Tuesday 9 December from the top end of Moredon. She is quite petite with a slight rip in her right ear, she is wearing a red plastic flea collar and is micro-chipped.

Tel: 07710 555424 Tabby cat.jpg



Missing Cat - Covingham


Female black and white cat, no chip and no collar, has a cyst on the throat/chest. Went missing from the Covingham area. Last seen in the owners back garden on the 30th November 2014.

Tel: 07795545803 missing-cat-covingham-december.jpeg

​Bailey is a female, pure black cat who went missing on Tuesday, 18 November from Kennedy Drive, Eldene.

She is two and half years old, has no collar but is microchipped. It is thought Bailey may be making her way to her old house in Moredon/Montrose Close.

If you see her or know of anyone who may have taken her in, please get it touch or take to the nearest vet.

​Tel: 07909 943889 or Email:


Missing Cocker Spaniel - Wootton Bassett

A female Cocker Spaniel is missing from her home in Lucerne Close, in Wootton Bassett.

Sophie is 2 years-old, golden in colour and has been microchipped.

She went missing on 31 October (Halloween night), spooked by Fireworks.

The last possible sighting (over a week ago) was in the Hook area.

Tel: 07977 099058 (Lucy), or 07759 015008 (Christine)​

​Missing Cat - Blunsdon Area

Oreo is a male black and white cat. He was last seen in Blunsdon Village on Wednesday, 5 November at 2.00pm.

Oreo is fairly timid.

​Tel: 07895 105675 or
      01793 226540
Oreo cat.jpg

​Missing Cat - Penhill Area

This cat has been missing for two weeks and was last seen in Farndale Close off Penhill Drive.

The cat has only one eye but has a very friendly nature.

​Tel: 07835 572229 Black cat.jpg

​Missing Cat - Stratton St Margaret

This grey and white, long haired cat was last seen on Sunday, 1 November in the Stratton St Margaret area.

He is very friendly.


​Tel: 07784 368263



Cat image.jpg

​Missing Dog - East Wichelstowe

This two year old, male, white Maltipoo (Maltese X Poodle) dog escaped from his back garden in Wichelstowe on the evening of Friday, 31 October.

His name is Boo and he will run if chased.  

​Tel: 07799 284946
Boo the dog.jpg

Missing Yorkshire Terrier - Kingshill, Swindon Area

Jaydee is missing from his home in the Kingshill area of Swindon. He has been missing on the morning of Saturday, 1 November.

He is tan in colour and is very friendly. He has been micro-chipped.​

Tel: 07718 074076​ jaydee.jpg

​Missing Cat - Sparcells Area

Tabby cat, pink nose, last seen Thursday 25 September from the Sparcells area.

Urgently wanted home again.



Missing Tabby Cat - Hyde Road, Stratton Area

A one-and-a-half year-old male, grey, tabby cat has gone missing from his home in the Hyde Road/Boundary Close area of Stratton. He was last seen at around 10pm on Tuesday, 14 October.

He was wearing a red collar and has 2 large stripes running down his back. He is also micro-chipped. He usually doesn’t wander that far away from his home.He is very friendly and very nosy but doesn’t like loud noises.  Please can people in the area check sheds and garages in case he has been inadvertantly shut in.

Tel: 07941 163565​ tabby.jpg

​Missing Cat - Freshbrook Area

Roo is a jet black, slender, male cat with a white diamond on his chest & belly. He looks bald above his eyebrows because he is part Siamese. He is 4 years old.

Roo was last seen on Sunday, 19 October at around 11.00pm in the Langport Close area of Freshbrook. 

A cash reward is being offered for his safe return.

​Tel: 07952 270864 or
      01793 330403

There is also a work number:  01793 697519 (Mon to Fri, 7.30am - 3.30pm

Roo cat.jpg

​Missing Rabbit - Grange Park

Honey is a 1 yr old rabbit. She went missing from Conyers Close in Grange Park on Tuesday 7 October.

She is fawn coloured with a white tummy.

​Tel: 07940 913361


Honey rabbit.jpg

​Missing Cat - West Swindon

Whizz is a female, 2 yr old tortoiseshell cat who has been missing from Westlea in West Swindon since Tuesday 7 October.

Whizz has a pink collar with her name in diamantes on it, a pink heart tag with her name on it and is microchipped.

Please check sheds and garages.

The owner is willing to offer a £50 reward for her safe return.

​Tel: 07885 829602



Whizz cat.jpg

​Missing Cat - North Swindon

Rocky is a 2 year old black and white cat who was last seen in North Swindon on the morning of Saturday 4 October.

Rocky has a very distinctive white 'moustache' across his face and is microchipped. He rarely goes out and if he does, never ventures much further than the back garden.

Rocky is very friendly but very timid. Please check sheds and garages.

​Tel: 01793 724888 or 07733 472245

Email: amandajanekemp

Rocky cat.jpg

​Missing Cat - Grange Park Area

Tigger was last seen on Monday 15 September in Grange Park Swindon.

He is microchiped.

​Email: liz.day1

​Missing Cat - Lawn Area

Noodles went missing in the Lawn area of Swindon on Tuesday 16 September.

Noodles is nearly 2 years old!He is a tabby cross with bengal, microchipped and very friendly and affectionate.

He is not wearing a collar.

​Tel: 07513 021698 or 
      07921 063666

​Missing Cat - Cheney Manor

This female tabby cat has been missing since Saturday, 6th September.

She is approx. 18 months old, has white feet and is not wearing a colllar.

The owner recently moved from Rushey Platt to Devon Road, Cheney Manor.

​Tel: 07534 954340
Missing cat.png

​Missing Cat - Oakhurst Area

This kitten has been missing from home since Sunday 7th September 2014. She was last seen around 5.00pm in the NW Oakhurst area near the steam railway line and the brook.

She has no collar or microchip as yet and is nearly 5 months old.

She is white and tabby, short haired and slim. One back foot has a lot of ginger on it.

​Tel: 07879 226806 Missing kitten.jpg

​Missing Dog - Purton

Misty is a brindle coloured Staffie, with a white under belly. She went missing from a garden in the Reids Piece area of Purton, Swindon.

​Tel: 07804 106344 Misty dog.jpg

​Missing Cat - Churchward Avenue

This male cat has been missing for one month.

He is ginger with a white tipped tail and is wearing a blue collar. 

He can be easily spooked and he rarely wanders for more than a couple of nights. 

​Tel: 01793 331295 ​Photo not avaiable

Missing Cat - Moredon Area

Poppy is a ginger, female, shorthair (slightly smaller than average) adult cat.

She is neutered, microchipped and very friendly.

Poppy has been missing since Tuesday 26th August from Moredon and it is very out of character for her not come home. ​

​Email: Poppy cat.jpeg

Missing Cat - Haydon End Area

Nugget went missing on Saturday 9 August 2014 from the Haydon End area of Swindon. She is a small, female, black and white cat. She is 14 years old and quite timid.​

Tel: 07968 787302​ Nugget.jpg

Missing Cat - Grange Park

Honey has gone missing from her home in Grange Park, West Swindon. She is a 3 year-old, female cat with darker ginger patterns. She was last seen over the weekend (2/3 August). She does not have a collar but is micro-chipped. She is quite small and has been registered as missing with all local vets.

Tel: 07501 110023​ charlie-image.jpg

​Missing Cat - Pinehurst Area

Tia is a 4 year old female black, white and ginger cat with a lovely temperament.
 who has gone missing from the Pinehurst Road area of Swindon.

Tia normally stays at home every night and doesn't go astray. Stays in our garden.

​Tel: 07415 112345
Tia cat.jpg

​Missing Cat - Old Town 

Missing since Sunday 20th July, Bertie is 14 year old handsome, ginger male cat. He is new to the area and may be having difficulty finding his way home. He is microchipped.

​Tel: 07770 583987

E-mail: susan.oxborrow


​Missing Cat - Chiseldon

Charlie is a 4 year old domestic short haired mainly white cat with black markings. He has 4 black spots on his back, a black tail and some black markings on his face, ears and legs. He has been neutered but is not wearing a collar and has not been microchipped.

Charlie was last seen on the night of Saturday 12th July in Station Road, Chiseldon.

​Tel: 07447 468050


Cat pic.jpg

​Missing Cat - Wootton Bassett Road area

Choo is a small, brown, ginger & cream tortoishell with a cream patch on one side of her chin and one on her tummy.

She is very quiet and timid and went missing on 4 July.

​Tel: 07920 803327 

E-mail cjschoolofdance

​Missing Cat - Stratton

Maisey has been missing since 6 July from Sheerwold Close. She is micro-chipped and neutured but is not wearing a collar. 

There is a small reward for her safe return.

​Tel: 07909 009472

​Missing Cockatiel - Ermin Street

Honey escaped from her cage on Friday 4 July. She was last seen in the Ermin Street area.


​Tel: 01793 821300 or 
      07528 059605
Honey Cockatiel.jpg

​Missing Cat - Covingham

Pebbles is a tortoiseshell cat with a red collar and a pink tag.

She has been missing since Wednesday 2nd July and was last seen in Mallard Close, Covingham.

Pebbles is a very homely cat and doesn't usually go out of the garden.  

Tel: 0770 3287299

Pebbles cat.jpeg

​Missing Cat - Eldene

Willow is a tortoiseshell cat with a blue collar & white stones. She has been missing since the evening of 16 June and was last seen on Overbrook. She does not usually wander from the garden.   

​Tel: 01793 614599

Missing Cat  - Freshbrook

​Male Cat last seen on Friday 20th June. No collar, answers to the name Milo. Friendly cat. Only 10months old. Out of character to be gone so long. Last seen in Ashburnham Close, Freshbrook

Tel: ​0773439380 milo-missingcat.jpg

Missing Cat - Park North​

My female long haired tabby is missing from Dulverton Avenue. she's an indoor cat and got out a window, she's 10 months has white back legs white front paws and a white bib.

​​E-mail: littlebopeep1995

Missing Cat - East Wichel Area

Chester went missing in the evening of 19 May 2014 from his home in Yardlee Walk, East Wichel.

He is a very short haired striped tabby cat, with distinctive markings, he is microchipped
Please contact Mel if you have seen him or if you find him.

Tel 07788 421436​ East Wichel Chester.jpg

​Missing Cat - Shaw area

This brown/ginger tabby female cat went missing from Shaw, West Swindon.

She is 10 months old and has a fluffy tail.

​ Tel: 07890 653246
Missing cat.jpeg

​Missing Cat - Kingsdown area

Tony is a 10 month old male neutered cat with completely black fur, nose and paws. He has a collar with a bell and magnetic pendant to operate his catflap. 

Tony was last seen in the Fuller Close/Kingsdown Road area of Kingsdown on the night of Saturday 3 May. It is possible  he has wandered in somewhere for a nap during the warm weather and been locked in.

Tony is very friendly and will allow you to pick him up although he may have become frightened and distressed by his ordeal. 

There is a small reward for anyone who finds him.

​Tel: 07713 164264 or
      01793 831437
Tony the cat.jpg

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