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Financial Assistance - School Uniforms

On this page: Information about the W G Little Fund, which may provide small grants toward the cost of school clothing, including, who might qualify for assistance.

W G Little Fund

This trust fund is not part of the service budgets of Swindon Borough Council but is administered under the trust fund bequest. The use of the fund is being greater aligned to the original aims of the trust, and only those who have previously received an award in 2012/13 will be eligible to re-apply for 2014/15. It is anticipated that 2015/16 will be the final year of this award process. Awards are not available for new applicants. 


The process for 2014/15 will begin in April 2014. Notification letters and forms will be sent to those that the historic record from 2012/13 shows received a grant that year and for whom the age criteria of students is still met (remaining under sixteen). These letters are currently planned to be distributed from the start of May 2014, with returns due back in July 2014. Once assessed, successful applications will be processed through August. If an application letter is not received by June 2014, but you believe you still meet the criteria and copy should have been sent, then enquiries can be made to:

WG Little Fund (Finance)
Civic Offices
Euclid Street

Enquiries should include your name (as it was 2012 if it’s since changed), any previous address if you have moved, and the name and date of birth of the student(s) grant was awarded to.

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