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Secondary School Places - How to Apply

This information is aimed at parents with children, who in September 2016 will:

  • transfer to a Secondary School.
  • transfer to a University Technical College (UTC)

Secondary Admissions Guide 2016

Before you apply for a school place you must read the Secondary Admissions Guide 2016 (PDF). This guide contains all the information you should need including details of all Swindon Schools and their policies and UTC Swindon. Catchment maps are included within the guide.

How to Apply 

Parents can choose to apply online or by a paper application form. You should only make one application. 

To make your application online, please use the button below:

If you do not feel able to make an application online and wish to apply using a paper application form, a downloadable Secondary Application Form 2016-17 (PDF), is also available. Please note however that the Local Authority do not automatically acknowledge the receipt of paper applications. You will not receive an email notifying you of your offer if you apply using a paper application.

Your application should be submitted by 31 October 2015. After this date late applications can only be made by paper application.

If you are applying for a school which requires supplementary information you will be required to complete an additional form which must be returned to the school.

How will my Application be Considered?

Applications are not dealt with on a first come first serve basis. As long as your application is received by the 31 October 2015 deadline, it will be considered along with all other 'ontime' applications.

  • If the application is received after this date it will be ‘late’ and considered after the allocation of ontime applications.
  • To maximise the chance of being allocated one of your preferred schools we recommend that parents use all three preferences and to ensure that they apply on time.
  • The Admissions Team can never guarantee that a place can be offered at your preferred school.
  • Each preference you request will be considered equally at the same time against the oversubscription criteria for the school. Where the situation arises that we can offer a place at more than one school the highest ranked school will be offered.
  • The full admissions policies and supplementary information forms for each school can be viewed on the School Admissions Arrangements webpage.

Changing your Application

  • You can change your application before the closing date. If your application was made using the online system you can log back onto the online system and make your amendments. YOU MUST RESUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FOR ANY CHANGES TO BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT. If you do not resubmit your application it will not be considered.
  • If you wish to change your application after the closing date e.g. if you wish to change the schools you have requested this will make your application late and your application will be considered after ontime applications have been allocated.
  • After the closing date you should use the Change of Preference Request Form (PDF) and email this to schooladmissions@swindon.gov.uk

Previous Admission Information

Please be aware that information in the Secondary Admissions Guide 2015 (PDF) may have changed and may not be relevant to admissions for 2016-17. 

Further Information

Please contact the School Admissions Team on 01793 445500 or email schooladmissions@swindon.gov.uk
Please note the team are available during office hours 9.00am-5.00pm, Monday – Friday.

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