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Primary School Places - How to Apply


​Rodbourne Cheney Primary School Admission Number 2015-16

The White Horse Federation have confirmed that the published admission number for Rodbourne Cheney Primary School for the reception intake for September 2014 will be 30 places.


Primary School at Tadpole Farm Site

The Diocese of Bristol have provided an information sheet giving details regarding the Primary School at Tadpole Farm. Applications for September 2014 are currently being accepted for the reception year group only.

Eligibility Criteria 

This information is aimed at parents with children, who in September 2014:

  • will start school for the first time in Infant/Primary school
  • will move up to Junior school

How to Apply

The deadline for 'on time' applications has now passed. You can access the Schools Admission Online system to view a submitted application, however this can no longer be used to make applications. If you have not made an application for a school place for September 2014, you need to complete a paper application. This application will now be considered as late.

Before making an application we ask that parents and carers carefully read the Primary Admissions Guide below, for the current year. This contains all the information you should need before making your application.

Applications are not dealt with on a first come first serve basis. As long as your application is received by the 15th January 2014 deadline, it will be considered along with all other 'on time' applications. If the application is received after this date it will be ‘late’ and considered after the allocation of 'on time' applications.

We try to make sure that as many pupils as possible are offered a place at one of their preferred schools. To maximise the chance of being allocated one of your preferred schools, we recommend all parents use all three preferences and ensure that they apply on time.

If you require further information about using the online system, a Guide to Applying Online is also available.

Primary Admissions Guide

Parents are advised to read all the information about the Primary Admissions process below before making any application.This information, which includes a number of frequently asked questions, is intended to help parents make an informed decision about which school they wish their child to attend and how to apply for a place.

If you do not feel able to make an application online and wish to apply using a paper application form, a downloadable Primary Application Form 2014-15 is also available. However, please note that the Local Authority do not automatically acknowledge the receipt of paper applications.

The previous year’s guide is also available to download for your reference below; however information in this guide may have been amended and you are also advised to check the Admission Guide for the 2014-15 academic year.

Catchment Areas

These are available as a series of maps below. If you are unsure of the catchment area your address falls within, you can contact the Schools Admissions Team.

You are not guaranteed a place at a school if you move into a catchment area. You still need to make an application in the normal way, and it will be considered against the school’s criteria.

The previous year’s catchment maps are also available to download for your reference however, information in this guide may have been amended and you are advised to check the catchments for the 2014-15 academic year also.

When Will I Find Out What School My Child Has Been Allocated?

Primary, Infant and Junior School allocations are published on 16th April 2014, this is a national offer date. If you make your application online and indicate you wish to received your notification by email, you will receive an email on this date to tell you which school your child has been allocated.

All parents will receive a letter which details the school place offered. This is sent out on 16th April 2014 by second class post. This will include a reply slip to accept the place offered.

Further Information

If you have any questions about applying for a Primary or Junior School place please contact us.  

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