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Information and Advice for Children in Care

' Looked after children' refers to children and young people whose parents can’t look after them for some reason and, as a consequence, they are looked after by the Local Authority.

Types of Arrangement

There are a number of different types of arrangement:

  • A friend and family placement
  • A foster placement
  • A residential placement run by another organisation
  • Supported Lodgings.

If a child or young person is 'looked after', they will have a Social Worker assigned to work with them. They will visit regularly will conduct a review after 1 month, 3 months and then every 6 months to assess how well the placement is working and to talk about plans for the future.

Information for Children and Young People

If you are placed in care, you will be given a pack that has lots of information about being in care. If you feel that you need one of these, please speak to your social worker.

Some important information from the pack is available in the following documents:

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